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I saw a stamp with this saying and had to buy it because it fits so well with our mindset in regard to décor, wedding or otherwise. We have a section in our warehouse full of items we’ve saved from the ‘discard’ piles in our own homes and others, just for remaking into something new and unique. We also love a good flea market! Lucky for all of us, re-purposing and crafting have become popular again, and ideas are easier than ever to find with all the DIY blogs, shows, and the treasure trove that is the internet!

So, what are some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen out there? And where can you look for creative inspiration? I love Pinterest for saving pictures of things I’d like to re-create and for browsing without any focus in particular. You never know what you’re going to stumble upon! I also love going into boutiques and stores like Anthropologie, mostly for the store displays rather than items they’re actually selling (which I also love, but are usually way overpriced!). This summer I saw the cutest display of thinly sliced, dried oranges, strung vertically in garlands hanging from the ceiling above some dinnerware. It was so simple, summery, and cheap to make! The contrast between that and the expensive dinnerware was a nice mix, and shows that not everything needs to be high dollar to have a great look!

Back to ideas we like, especially with regard to weddings. Some of my favorites for barn weddings and receptions include using old suitcases for cards; crates stacked upon each other or strewn about as décor; lamp shades and empty frames hanging from trees for a neat photo shoot; old wooden wagons, wheelbarrows, and chests for displaying flowers or holding gifts; jars, tin cans, and wine bottles as vases; old dressers painted and distressed for any kind of display or buffet; antique typewriters in place of a traditional guest book; hay bales as cheap seating; quilts for decoration; antlers for a rustic touch; old crocks, galvanized buckets, and ladders for an antique, country feel; and last but not least, logs cut into rounds and placed under centerpieces or used as plate chargers, in large stumps along the aisle, or even cut into candle holders and vases! Phew!!! That’s plenty for now ; )

I’m excited as we go into the wedding business to see all the other ideas that people have regarding this topic! The collective creativity out there is amazing!

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