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Gold is the New Neutral
Deciding on wedding colors is one of the first decisions most brides make when starting to plan their dream wedding.  I really love soft neutrals in weddings, and have always loved and considered gold a perfect neutral accent color as well.  I’m happy to see its popularity again in recent wedding palettes!  It adds a degree of elegance and luxury to the décor, and creates a romantic feel when paired with soft lighting at the reception.  It’s also really versatile, working well in any season.  In the spring, it’s pretty paired with pastels and other light neutrals; in the summer and fall, it can be paired with bolder/darker colors; and in the winter, add some glitter/sparkle to it for festivity or shades of white for a classical look.  I’ve also seen it paired with other muted metallics like rose gold, copper, and champagne tones.  Modern and cute!  With our barn venue, adding gold to the mix dresses it up without being too formal.  It’s the perfect combination of rustic and sophistication!  So if you’re wondering what accent to add to your colors, consider gold for its neutral elegance!!!  

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