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What is it about a barn wedding that is so enchanting? The trend is a few years in, but I’m still in love with the look, simplicity, and uniqueness that barn weddings offer. You get the beauty of the outdoors with the weather security of the indoors. It’s a win-win! And nothing beats the natural beauty of the countryside, set off by the added charm of a barn. As Maggie Lord of Rustic Wedding Chic says of barn weddings, “Whether a simple celebration of the good life in the countryside or an elegant, sophisticated affair, a barn is the perfect backdrop for a singularly gorgeous wedding day.” I completely agree with that statement!

With nature offering up its beauty and the barn its charm, adding your own decorations is easy and can really be minimal! On top of that, many of the rustic and vintage style decorations can be found or made at a low cost. We love to up-cycle and re-purpose old items for new uses! The possibilities range from small things like using different sized jars, wine bottles, tin cans, water pitchers, etc. as vases to re-purposing large items like old doors for ceremony backdrops, arches, and entryways. Thank goodness for Pinterest if you are ever lacking for inspiration!!!

I’ve also noticed brides are choosing to mix things up and not have everything look exactly the same. It catches the eye, and encourages you to really look at and appreciate all the different details, whether it be table decorations or the bridesmaid’s dresses. It adds an informal quaintness that yesterday’s weddings didn’t have.

Having a barn wedding really allows you to customize your wedding by adding in all the elements that make you happy! Which is what this day is all about! You can get away with less-than-perfect, identical decorations, DIY, and vintage items. They will normally have a personal touch, interesting history, or both! Here’s to all of our upcoming weddings, each with their own look and happy ending!

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