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The Vows

So much planning goes into creating the perfect wedding day celebration. From the dress to the venue, decorations, catering, DJ, photography, the list goes on and on. Maybe one of the least noticed details by guests, but most important part of the day for the bride and groom are the wedding vows. This is what the day is truly about. A profession of love and commitment to one another. Whether these vows are written by the bride and groom themselves or taken from a sacred text, they symbolize the beginning of a new life together and the pledge of support for each other on that journey.

Some of the most heartwarming ceremonies I’ve been to were traditional ones that included a sermon from thoughtful and moving pastors. I’ve been brought to tears by the message about the beauty and responsibility of marriage, through good times and bad. Two come to mind in specific. One was great due to the talent of the pastor and the emotion of the bride and groom during the ceremony. Everybody was crying! The other was unique in that it was in a small historic church set amidst a maple grove in the fall. It was very solemn and felt steeped in history, and unlike any other wedding I have attended. They had a church service complete with a sermon and hymnals sang by the guests, accompanied only by piano. Ceremonies that include a biblical message like this can be inspirational and meaningful to all the guests in attendance, married or not!

Personalized vows can also be extremely moving, unique, and romantic. These require more effort on the part of the bride and groom, but are a way to add a personal touch to the ceremony. These are always fun and interesting to listen to. They range from being light and humorous to being very touching and heartfelt. If you choose to write your own vows, your wedding will be unlike any other. It is special and uniquely yours. Guests always love to hear what the bride and groom have prepared for each other!

However you choose to do your vows, they are an integral part of the day for you, and hopefully something that you will value and return to throughout your marriage! Best wishes to all the engaged and newly married couples out there!

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